How well do you know the best 5 lightweight kickboxers in the world? Do you know who is the tallest? …or the oldest? Who would you say is the scariest in terms of knock-out power? Let’s check it out!

Who are the best?
This June, the lightweight kickboxing ranking by Combat Press was the following:

  1. Marat Grigorian
  2. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
  3. Superbon Banchamek
  4. Giorgio Petrosyan
  5. Chingiz Allazov
  6. Tayfun Ozcan
  7. Endy Semeleer
  8. Jonay Risco
  9. Samy Sana
  10. Yodsanklai Fairtex

Let’s compare the data of the top 5 fighters.

In the charts, fighters will be arranged from left to right by their ranking.

Height and Age

The tallest fighter is Allazov (5 ft 11 in), whereas the shortest is Sitthichai (5 ft 8 12 in). The top 2 ranked fighters are also the shortest.

The top 5 fighters are between 26 (Allazov) and 34 (Petrosyan) years old. Grigorian and Sitthichai are both 28 years old (but Grigorian is few months younger).

Wins and KOs

All of the top 5 kickboxers have phenomenal records, with ~75% (Superbon) to ~95% (Petrosyan and Allazov) of victories.

Petrosyan and Allazov are close to perfection with about 19 victories every 20 fights. Let’s suppose that we toss a coin 4 times and we get every single time head… Would you bet on that? Well, for those 2 fighters, the probability of not winning a fight is very close to that (actually a little bit less for Petrosyan)…we can say that is extremely unlikely!

Who is more likely to end up a fight with a KO win?

The KO machine is Allazov. He finished more than half of his fights with his opponent lying on the canvas.

Also Petrosyan and Grigorian have impressive KO power: about ~45% of their fights ending with a win by KO.

The 2 Thai fighters, Sitthichai and Superbon have the lowest percent of KOs victories but on the other hand also the highest number of fights (159 and 143, respectively).

Winning Streak

Among the 5 top kickboxer, Petrosyan has the longest winning streak (14) and has not lost or draw a fight since 2013 (against Andy Ristie).

Superbon is currently in 8 winning streak. His last defeat was in a fight against the number 1 Grigorian and came by a tremendous KO stoppage.

Grigorian, Sitthichai, Allazov, they have all recently lost a fight in bouts against each other or Petrosyan.

Summary and Table

Here some few facts about the top 5 lightweight kickboxers:

  • The taller fighter is Allazov. The 2 shortest fighters, Grigorian and Sitthichai are also the top 2 in the current ranking.
  • Petrosyan is the oldest fighter (34) whereas Allazov the youngest (26).
  • With 95% of their fight won, Petrosyan and Allazov have the highest percentage of victories (the others are all above 75%).
  • Allazov is the KO machine with more than half of his fights finished by KO. Grigorian and Petrosyan have ~45%, whereas Sitthichai and Superbon ~20% of their fights won by KO.
  • Petrosyan is currently in a 14-fight winning streak.

Check the table below if you want to make more comparisons by your own!
scroll to the left to see all the columns and the arrows to order them

Buonanotte e buone botte.

all the data was scraped from en.wikipedia